Nha Trang shipping container hostel design praised

Nha Trang shipping container hostel design praised

Ccasa Hostel is the first hostel which was built from shipping containers in the southern coastal resort town of Nha Trang. The hostel design was highly appreciated by architecture website Archdaily.

The hostel is located to the north of the city, about 3km from the city centre, three minutes walk from the beach. It is close to famous sights in Nha Trang such as Hon Chong-Hon Vo, huge rocky headland associated with a fascinating local myth and the Khmer temple of goddess Ponaga.

This is a hostel designed for backpackers with the motto that everyone around the world can be connected into a big family. Ccasa is built to function like a family house with cabin beds inside containers as bedrooms, shared area as kitchen and living room, terrace roof as play room, and washing area with toilet and bathrooms.

The service block was made of steel frames and black panted metal sheets, the sleeping block was set in three old shipping containers that was painted three colours to symbolise three types of bedrooms, and the washing block was built in normal way with white painted rustic bricks and concrete. 



The hostel consists of three functional blocks for services sleeping and washing.



The entrance to the bedrooms are open luminous bridges decorated with green trees and pergola.

Natural ventilation is key to the design of Ccasa hostel as a means to mitigate Nha Trang’s muggy tropical weather.

The terraced roof also took a bold approach with large hammocks hung across the void to bring the feeling of floating amongst the nature.

Speaking to DTiNews, Architect Ngo Tuan Anh who is the hostel designer said that the hostel prioritises shared space, instead of having big bedrooms, in order to encourage connections between people.

Source: English Vietnamnet

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