Ccasa Hostel in Vietnam is built from recycled shipping containers


 To promote interaction among travelers, Malaysia-based architecture firm TAK Architects has created the Ccasa Hostel in Vietnam out of recycled shipping containers. These upcycled shipping containers are converted into shared living spaces to offer travelers a sustainable shelter.

The hostel comprises three stacked shipping containers that are turned into dormitory rooms. The hostel is divided into three functional blocks such as the serving block, the sleeping block, and the washing block. The sleeping spaces are reduced in size, but are still large enough for providing better interaction among travelers.

Design of the hostel focuses on community connectivity by shared living spaces, therefore bathrooms are also designed like conventional communal areas. While maintaining the industrial look of the containers, the design of this hostel is inspired by an old Vietnamese style.

The industrial building also makes use of several other construction materials like steel framing, pergola, cement tiles, reclaimed wood windows, rusted colored cement, and flat winnowing baskets. Even trees and green vegetation are included around the hostel to give a soft natural touch to its hard industrial layout.

TAK Architects is well known for their innovative design solutions. This time the architectural firm has managed to create an eco-friendly living space for backpackers, allowing them to see people from various regions of the world as a big family.


Ccasa Hostel by TAK Architects


Ccasa Hostel in Vietnam


The hostel is divided into three functional blocks


Dining space


Cozy sleeping space


Shared sleeping space


The shared sleeping space is to promote interaction among travelers

Via: TreeHugger

Source: HomeCrux

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