Ccasa Hostel in Nha Trang – Sleeping containers and giant hammocks

Sleeping in containers, cooking with design, and hanging out in giant hammocks under the stars; sound tempting? Then it is time to join the Ccasa Hostel family in popular Nha Trang in the south-eastern part of Vietnam. Three Shipping containers in red, yellow and blue are there to provide a good-night’s sleep, and an open space to socialize. A homage by Hostelgeeks.

Located only 3 minutes from the beach, Ccasa Hostel Nha Trang itself is a place you want to spend your time. It includes tree houses, vines climbing up ropes next to the containers, and a non-ending amount of roof top space – so cool!

We are Hostelgeeks, your independent network of the world’s outstanding hostels: the 5 Star Hostels. All the 5 Star Hostels are accommodations with character, fitting the transparent criteria. Ccasa Hostel in Nha Trang is a fashionable, stylish hostel, and the 2nd awarded 5 Star Hostel in Vietnam. In the north of Nha Trang, and half-way to Hanoi you will find Memory Hostel, Vietnam’s first 5 Star Hostel.

Containers at Ccasa hostel Nha Trang

Let us introduce you to CCasa Hostel – from the check-in at the tile-covered reception desk all the way up to the giant hammock. This colorful hostel invites you to enjoy Nah Trang and your hostel time.

So let’s explore and see why this creative hostel has earned and received the highest hostel award with Hostelgeeks.

Ccasa Hostel Nha Trang is a 5 Star Hostel because …

1. Old shipping containers turned into lively colorful homes

The first criteria for being awarded the 5 Star Hostel title relates to their Eco-friendly efforts and sustainability.

The bedrooms in Ccasa Hostel are built from old shipping containers and recycled materials. The containers have been refurbished into lively colorful homes, and the cabins are visible from both the out and inside. Each cabin is a bedroom.

Double bed in a dorm at Ccasa Hostel

When coming out of your bedroom, you will be walking on open and luminous stairways flanked by beautiful green trees and vines. Yes, same as at Oxotel in Chiang Mai in North Thailand, there are literally trees inside the hostel. And it does not stop here.

Repurposed old shutters and Vietnamese wicket baskets are part of the wall decoration of the building, bringing you the Vietnamese flair. Also, have a look on the floor: Colorful, detailed tiles bring the reception desk special attention. Some floors and bedrooms are also decorated in the black-white- yellow floor tiles. It reminds us of Memory Hostel in Da Nang, the first striking 5 Star Hostel in Vietnam.

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Vietnamese flair at Ccasa Hostel

Back to the trees. In the common area downstairs they conserved the trees, that have grown big enough to reach the upper floors. The trees are still growing every day — same as the community of Ccasa Hostel in Nha Trang.

Why did the designer decide to keep the trees? They want to stimulate the explorative instinct which is inside all of us.

2. De-light- ful(l) Vietnamese details

Ccasa Hostel is created around the motto that


The design of Ccasa Hostel in Nha Trang is sustainable itself. Old windows and three shipping containers got a second life in blue, red and yellow. The accommodation is built using recycled shipping containers. The shipping containers are firm and stable structures, very solid and resistant — and guess what: They traveled all over the world!

Lets explore at Ccasa Hostel

The old shipping containers have transformed into colorful and lively homes, linked by a system of luminous common spaces and stairways. When designing the building, the team distributed the cabins and different areas to be like a family house where it is easy to connect.

Inside your cabin aka container you will find some luxury details to let you have a comfortable good-night sleep: air conditioning, individual lockers and lights, comfortable mattresses, and also curtains on your bed to add more intimacy to the dorms.


The sleeping area is minimized and optimized for a comfortable rest. The priority of the outdoor area is connecting people and cultures. After all, sleeping is the most boring part of hostel life.

Ccasa also offers a female-only dorm with 4 beds. We collected 7 pros and 3 cons of female dorms at hostels.

The common area on the ground floor is an open luminous space with a tile-decor reception desk, trees and concrete floors. Cement is a very common element in Vietnamese houses and buildings. Colorful floor tiles and plants all around will bring you to the rooftop area.

On the rooftop area you will find the net-bed. With an overview of the common area, you will find a great place to chill out – it’s made out of ropes! Join the flow and relax here, surrounded by cushions and plants. This is one of the best places to make new friends.

3. Hang-In and Hang-Out

The concept hostel really invites people to slow down and relax in an open space area, mixed with the up-cycled materials.

The giant hammocks aka nets are a brilliant extra. Come here by night. There is no roof top above Ccasa blocking the star views so you can enjoy the feeling of floating amongst the stars.

Hang out on the giant hammock at Ccasa Hostel

Light is very important to Ccasa Hostel, as it is a natural element which keep us on exploration mode. That is why the common area is a wide luminous space with plenty of plants.

4. Ccasa means Home

The word casa means home in various languages and that is the feeling this 5 Star Hostel wants to transport. From the first moment Ccasa Hostel wanted to create a big family vibe. With only 10 rooms, it’s a perfect hostel to get to know more travelers.

Loving the light!Ccasa hostel Nha Trang

Therefore, the common area is spacious and luminous, enticing the traveler to spend more time surrounded with other fellow travelers.

Relax at the roof top area, watch movies, or simply enjoy some drinks. It is a very cozy area made with ropes and cushions, and surrounded by plants and colorful tiles.

On the ground floor, you will find the common area to cook, eat and socialize.

Join the family at Ccasa hostel Nha Trang

Wooden tables are put together to recreate a large community space where travelers connect friends all around the world to share stories. Talking about sharing stories, have a look at all the lovely and fun short travel stories we collected.

Part of the common area on the ground floor is the open kitchen. Guests can cook and spend time together, and for the ones fancying a nice barbecue, go ahead and use the grill.

In a nutshell: It is easy to connect to other travelers, a great hostel for Solo-Travelers — make the best out of it!

5. Passionate staff paying attention

The hostel staff is a crucial part of the overall experience and the face of a hostel.

The staff at Ccasa hostel truly cares about giving their guests a good and homey experience. They want everybody to become a part of the big family and enjoy their stay.

The open reception area is right at the entrance, and next to the common area.

Common area at Ccasa Hostel Nha Trang

Approaching the receptionist is very easy. You don’t need to pack a tourist map, just ask the team about recommendations! The staff knows Nha Trang like the back of their hand. They can give you the best advice about the beautiful beach land all the activities around the area.

You see, we at Hostelgeeks are big fans of CCasa Hostel. The easy-going vibes, the creative architecture, and the soul of the hostel. It is just a great experience in total. If you are looking for us, we are most likely relaxing in the giants hammocks. Come over ans say hi!

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Location advantage and Neighborhood of CCasa Hostel Nha Trang


Ccasa Hostel is ideally located in Nha Trang, just a 3 minute walk away from the beach.

It is the district of Pham Van Dong Beach district. You can either hang out in the giant hammock or at the beach — tough choice, right?!

From Nha Trang it is only a 10 minute walk to Hong Chong, home to photogenic stone grottoes, and also known for their beach.

Nha Trang and Hong Chong are considered two of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam.

Ccasa Hostel, 40 Sao Bien, P. Vinh Hai, Nha Trang 

Source: Hostelgeeks

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