12 Amazing Shipping Container Buildings!

Its fascinating to see hundreds of developments using recycled shipping containers to create something new and innovative. From fantastic container homes, luxury pools and even nurseries, there seems to be no limit! Here we’ve selected a handful of our favourite shipping container buildings from around the world…

Caution Cinema – Scott Whitby

Scott Whitby studio has used over 1,000 foam pyramids inside a shipping container to turn it into a mobile Caution Cinema. The installation was designed to help Britain’s port workers stay engaged by continuing to learn behaviour practices that could one day save their lives.

“As well as blocking out all external light and sound for the cinema, the disorientating, winding route encourages visitors to become acutely aware of their surroundings.” Whitby explained. “Visitors are forced to take extra care and to proceed with caution – as promoted by the safety campaign. It is hoped that the memory of this multi-sensory experience and intervention will be embedded in the user’s memory for a long time to come.” To see this article in full follow the link below. Let Me See

Vietnam Hostel – TAK Architects

Vietnam is fast becoming the new Thailand. As hundreds of tourists, backpackers and twenty-something’s pass through the country the hostel industry is booming. Enter TAK Architects, who created a beautiful, brightly coloured haven in Nha Trang. With aerial bridges connecting the shipping containers and huge communal hammock areas there’s no wonder the Ccasa Hostel is getting a lot of attention. The design is based on that of a home, with stacked bedrooms and large socialising areas. Click on the link below to have a closer look at this stunning industrial home from home. Let Me See

Lookout Tower Tasmanian Vineyard – Cumulus

A lookout post over a vineyard in Tasmanian sounds idyllic. What makes this even better is that it’s been built by Cumulus studios, using recycled shipping containers. Cumulus designed this spaced, named ‘Devils Corner Lookout’ for the Brown Brothers winery. There are two structures and they provide a semi-sheltered space for wine and food tasting, while gazing out over the vast landscape. Check out this spectacular piece of architecture through the link here. Let Me See


Housing for veterans

This is one heart-warming story made even better because it’s using recycled shipping containers! American Family Housing are the organisation responsible for the development, providing studio sized homes for military Veterans, many of whom had been living on the streets. The potter’s lane housing complex offers the Veterans a safe place to live. The project is America’s first permanent housing for the homeless and we couldn’t be happier it was built with shipping containers! To see the full story follow our link. Let Me See

Container Skyscraper

This concept for shipping container skyscrapers is the definition of innovative. CRG Architects have proposed a plan to replace slum housing with 2 giant skyscrapers, built of over 2,500 containers and should be able to house up to 5,000 people! Not only this but the towers will feature a colour scheme that is intended to represent the hottest and coldest parts of the building – based on the compass points to show the transition of temperature. For the full info on this project follow the link. Let Me See

Floating student housing

Bjarke Ingels’ firm, BIG has created low-cost housing for students in the centre of Copenhagen. We wouldn’t exactly say they are the normal student digs, with BIG using nine shipping containers stacked on a floating platform in Copenhagen Harbour. Urban Rigger, consists of 15 studio apartments over 2 levels, where the ends of each container overlapping to help protect the housing from possible rising sea levels. It also frames a shared garden area in the middle. Want to read more? Just follow the link to our very own featured article! Let Me See

Discover more amazing shipping container buildings below!

Container City
This is two pieces of shipping container architecture in east London. It is principally a means of utilizing standard forty-foot equivalent unit shipping containers, at the end of their life, to produce flexible accommodation and offices at low cost. Let Me See

Office containers 
Hechingen Studio is a crystal-shaped shipping container office that uses multiple glazed end walls to funnel natural light into the interior. The floor-to-ceiling glass also frames views of the surrounding landscape. Let Me See

Fawood Children’s Center 
This incredible building is made from recycled containers and has been transformed into a child’s dream! Let Me See

Container Globe Theatre
Angus Vail, a rock music business manager from New Zealand, wants to build a Shakespearean Globe Theatre in Detroit. But rather than a heavy timber and plaster structure, like the 16th century version, his vision is to build using shipping containers! Let Me See

Shipping Container Art School
LOT-EK, has just won the New York AIA Chapter Honors Award for their APAP OpenSchool in Korea. The school which was inaugurated in the summer of 2010 is an art school featuring an open-air covered amphitheater, studios and exhibition space. Let Me See

Container House
David Wade says building a shipping container house requires living outside the box as well as thinking outside the box! He started the project in November after he was inspired by a similar house in Maine, designed by architect Adam Kalkin. Let Me See

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