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CCASA – a unique house inspired from old shipping containers. In Latin, casa means home, and CCASA (pronounced as C-CASA) is short for Container Casa – a container house. Our philosophy is “friends from all corners of the world are one big family when coming to CCASA”. CCASA, with all our hearts, create a unique architectural style, hospitable, welcoming ambience to form a big-family portrait for young backpackers who aspire to travel and wander around.

An Innovative Idea From Old Shipping Containers

Bringing old containers back to life, and putting in recycled materials, CCASA offers a whole different space experience that is not like any other average hostels. Inspired from train cabins’ interior, inside our container house, each bedroom is designed as a fully-furnished cabin of your own. They are all there for you: mattresses, blankets, comfy pillows, reading light, power plugs and individual lockers to keep your personal packages. What’s more, there are curtains on your bed – you just need to draw the curtains close for more privacy.

A Shared House, Home To All

With a hope to bring you memorable – or even unforgettable moments here, CCASA house is enriched with big family vibe and familial values, welcoming people from all walks of life. We treasure diversity – no matter what culture you are from, what language you speak or what color your skin is, all can enjoy shared happiness under CCASA’s roof. Our common area serves as a delightfully decorated kitchen with modern cooking furniture – there are even grills for BBQ party lovers. The beautiful row of tables with lovely green vines twinning behind is our family members’ favorite spot when coming to CCASA, fancying a cup of coffee in the morning or simply enjoying ourselves in the evening - it is also where we connect and share stories. With our utmost love and passion, CCASA always thrives for warmth, comfort and joy, to be worth forming a part of your travel to our beautiful Nha Trang city.

Multi-Function Spaces

One special spot that anyone who comes to CCASA would love is our rooftop with nets hung across the lightwell. Wonder why CCASA is called multi-function spaces? Come and try resting on a big net-bed high up in the air – then do anything: read a book, play an instrument, chat with other fellows or maybe just “enjoy the sweetness of doing nothing” in this travel.

Ideal Location To Explore Nha Trang City

The beach is only 200 meters away, so it is ideal to wake up early and wait for the sun to rise – not something exciting new, but this idea is never old. You can also hire a bicycle to take a stroll along the shore. 500 meters away from our hostel is the market area – the best place to explore Nha Trang’s diverse but distinctive culinary culture, ranging from big fancy food stalls to street moving carts on the back roads. Wish to explore deeper into the city centre, however, without a motorbike? No worry, there is a bus stop that is only 100 meters from CCASA. Now quick! Set up your plan for the next ramble. When visiting Nha Trang, don’t just tour around! Experience is one another huge piece of your travel, so why not drop off at CCASA and let us make this piece perfect.        

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